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What is upcycling?

One of the things we really pride ourselves on at BetterHome Decor is our upcycling. We have some of the most skilled craftsmen and -women, who are able to create outstanding home decor items out of seemingly lost causes. And this is exactly what upcycling is all about: Taking something old, damaged or just plain broken, and breathing new life into it through a crafty transformation.

We have great respect for all home decor items, no matter how old or worn out, and we love seeing them come back to life and find new homes. Come by our store to see where and how the magic happens. We're always working on some home decor item or another.

Where we source our items

One of the questions we always get asked, and one of the questions we love to answer the most, is Where did you find that? We love that you, our customers, care about the history and legacy of the items you put in your home, and we genuinely love telling the stories. One of the reasons is that each and every item has such a unique story, and we will keep telling these as often as possible, to as many people as possible.

So in this blog post we will answer the question in more general terms. Everyone at BetterHome Decor loves a good fleemarket, and we do attend as many as we possibly can, in and around Oslo. In addition to that we have a strong and ever-growing network of 'pickers' all around the country, who find some of the most interesting things you can imagine. Last but not least, we occasionally make some great deals at local auctions.

For the full story behind a specific item, just ask one of us at the store or send us an email.